Congratulations, you’re engaged! The happiest day of your life awaits. You and your sweetheart are so excited to start the rest of your lives together. You’ve chosen your best friends and closest family to be in your bridal party, told everyone in the family, and now you realized you have to start planning a wedding.

An average of 44,230 weddings take place every weekend. That’s a lot of weddings. How are all of these brides doing it, you ask? Event planning can be seriously stressful, especially if it’s for a wedding. There is no need to panic. First, you need to take one step at a time.

There are so many elements that go into wedding events. Pick a dress, schedule the rehearsal dinner, decide on what flowers you want your bridesmaids to carry down the aisle, the list goes on and on. For all of these intricate details, it may be beneficial to look into event planners. They can make your life so much easier when it comes to planning a wedding.

Okay, we’ve talked about all the big stuff. But what about the little stuff that happens on the day? You’ve heard horror stories of several past brides. You’ve heard of brides say that their makeup came off halfway through the ceremony, their dressed ripped, and so many other crazy mishaps. To avoid all those worries, here is a list of essentials to bring with you on your wedding day.

  1. Bobby Pins: Although your hair stylist may do a fabulous job of securing your wedding day do, ask for extra bobby pins or bring your own. Your hair has to last all day, and sometimes stray hairs fall out and need to be put back in place. Between the ceremony, dinner, and dancing at the reception, it’s bound to happen.
  2. Safety Pins: This one goes out specifically to your wedding dress bustle. Those things are a pain in the butt. They work perfectly when the seamstress shows you how to use it in the salon, but it’s not that picture perfect in real life. Sometimes buttons fall off or someone steps on your skirt. No big deal if you have a safety pin to hold up your train.
  3. Q-tips: Q-tips can save your face on your wedding day. Tissues can be a serious enemy of a bride, risking wiping off a bride’s face full of beautiful makeup. Use a Q-tip instead to wipe the corners of your eyes or lips when the tears start to flow.
  4. Double Stick Tape: This one goes out to the brides with a lower neckline. If you’re worried about a wardrobe malfunction when you’re walking down the aisle or dancing the night away, tape that dress down and worry not.
  5. Makeup: As much as you may try not to, wedding makeup can get ruined. Crying at the altar, munching down appetizers, or drinking the celebratory champagne all can smudge that gorgeous face. Keep extra makeup in your clutch to fix your mascara, lipstick, or eyeshadow at any time during your perfect day.

Remember, when you’re planning a wedding, don’t forget these four essential items to wash your worries away on your big day!