Congratulations, you’re engaged!! This is the most exciting time in your life. You’ve shown off your ring to everyone you know, called Grandma, and announced the great news to everyone on your social media pages.

However, once the buzz wears off from your sweetheart popping the question, panic often ensues. There is a ton that goes into planning a wedding. Over 50% of women report wedding planning was much more stressful than they thought it would be. No need to feel overwhelmed! These tips will get you to the altar in a breeze.


The very first thing you want to do when you get engaged is to start researching. There are tons of online sources out there loaded with information about wedding events. Start to get ideas on what theme you may want for your wedding receptions. Research different silhouettes of wedding dresses and decide on a few styles that work best for you before you go dress shopping. Read reviews of the restaurant where you want to have your rehearsal dinner before you book it. The more information you have, the less overwhelmed you will feel when you dive into decision making!


When you first start wedding planning, it seems like there a million and one things that need to be completed before the big day. How will you ever remember everything and get it done in time? Checklists! You can either write your own or borrow a checklist that you find in a wedding planner. This will help keep you on track with all the exciting details you get to select for your special day. Hiring event planners can also help ease the stress of the checklist.


The timeline goes hand in hand with the checklist. Make sure you are writing down your tasks in the order they need to be accomplished. It also helps if you write the number of months ahead of the wedding date that these tasks need to be completed. That information is something that you can find in your research.


As soon as you start planning a wedding, it is crucial that you decide on a budget with your fiance, and stick to it! Budgets will help eliminate some of the stress that comes with financing a wedding. You don’t have to wonder where all your money is disappearing to when you have a budget plan.


Timing is everything. We all know that. It is no different when it comes to planning a wedding. Give yourself and your vendors plenty of time to make bookings and decisions before the wedding date. Weddings typically take about nine months to a year to plan, so if you have no time restrictions (like military constraints), then give yourself a break and takes things slowly!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning, just remember these five tips and you’ll be having a blast planning your wedding instead of stressing!