If your employees aren’t excited to come to work each day, if you hear them making sarcastic comments behind your back, then you really need to figure out how to change your company’s reputation in the new year. Unhappy employees are unproductive employees. And being unproductive is the easiest way to ruin an otherwise successful business. Here are some strategies you should think about implementing in 2018 that will likely improve the way your employees see your company and result in a successful year for everyone.

Work with professional corporate cafeteria service providers

If every member of your staff only has a small, boring lunch each day, they aren’t going to be filled with energy. By offering free (or at least healthy) food options through cafeteria service providers, your employees will be much more impressed with the way you treat them, subsequently doing a better job for you.

According to a recent survey of employees at organizations that provide free food, roughly 67% were either “very happy” or “extremely happy” with their jobs. By working with corporate cafeteria companies that provide both pickup and drop off meal services and corporate dining, your employees will be able to eat and work much better.

Let your employees work on something they enjoy

Allowing your employees to spend a certain amount of time working on a project that might not be directly related to their daily responsibilities can actually make them more productive during their regular duties. Sometimes, if a person is stuck doing only required work, they can find it difficult to be motivated and focused. If they can take 20 to 30 minutes each day to work on something they are really passionate about, however, they will be refreshed and much more prepared to take on their regular job duties. Even better, these passion projects often evolve into your next product offering.

Recognize when your employees do a great job

Far too many people are unhappy with their jobs because they never get any positive recognition. Even if an employee enjoys working for a particular business, if he or she doesn’t get recognized for their accomplishments every once in a while, they are going to feel unhappy. And, eventually, virtually all unhappy employees will search for that recognition elsewhere.

By working with office cafeteria providers, encouraging your staff to work on their own creative projects, and recognizing when someone does a great job, your employees will be much more impressed with your business. That being said, building a great company culture won’t happen overnight, so it’s important to start the new year off right. If you want to find skilled cafeteria service providers here in the Bay Area, contact Justin’s Daily Cafe today.